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Snowshoe TOUR


The snowshow tour from Brambüesch to Pradaschier (or vice versa) takes you to the Dreibündenstein (“Three Leagues Stone”), just like the tour that goes to Feldis (GR 1). From the Dreibündenstein, the trail takes you in the direction of Windegga (Pradaschier ski lift mountain station), but veers to the left before reaching it, heading downhill to the Pradaschier Mountain Restaurant. From there, you can hop on the chairlift and glide on down to Churwalden in the valley.

Optional: Pradaschier toboggan run (or, in the opposite direction, the Brambrüesch sledge run)
Hiking time: approx. 4 – 5 hours (or 3 – 4 hours with Hühnerköpfe – Furggabüel chairlift)
Included: Tour tickets include a ride on the Chur/Brambrüesch and Pradaschier-Churwalden mountain railways as well as a return trip by PostAuto bus.

You may purchase tickets for the tour on the Chur and Pradaschier mountain railways or at any railway station in Switzerland as a combined offer (SBB RailAway) with reduced prices on transport there and back.

Individual tickets

CHF 45.50

CHF 25.70

CHF 22.00

CHF 21.70

Groups of 10 or more

CHF 35.70

CHF 22.45

CHF 19.50

CHF 19.35