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Unique in the canton Grisons: the first zipline on the Pradaschier adventure mountain in Churwalden!

From Saturday, 25 September 2021, visitors to the Pradaschier adventure mountain in Churwalden will be able to whizz down the mountain on the newly built zipline: safely attached to a wire rope, the zipline flies downhill at up to 110 kilometres per hour. During the 2-minute flight, 1’739m are covered with a height difference of 470m. After the gentle start, the 29% drop gives you a feeling of free fall that is very close to that of flying. The Zipline stands for adventure, thrill, experience and adrenaline with the highest demands on safety.

Thanks to the technical conditions, the zipline can be flown in summer and winter (depending on the weather). You can get to the starting point on foot or in comfort on the four-seater chairlift.
Fasten your seatbelts, take off and enjoy the unique feeling of weightlessness: A unique experience for young and old!

Access conditions

  • Flying alone from 10 years and minimum weight of 25kg.
  • Maximum weight 120kg.
  • No admission for pregnant women and people with a health limitation
  • No mobile phones during the entire flight.
  • No admission for people under the influence of intoxicants
  • Instructions from staff must be followed.

Opening Hours

17 December 2022 until 02 April 2023

only for groups of 10 or more

by appointment

Christmas Price Special:


CHF 55.- incl. chairlift ride and flight

CHF 40.- flight only



CHF 32.- incl. chairlift ride and flight

CHF 20.- flight only


(not to be combined with other promotions and discounts)