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Snowshoeing in Pradaschier

The Dreibündenstein snowshoeing area is right at centre of the Chur, Viamala, and Lenzerheide regions. It connects the three resorts Brambüesch, Feldis, and Pradaschier for snowshoe hikers. All three of the marked snowshoe routes lead up to the Dreibündenstein high plateau from the three stations, where you will find some amazing opportunities for diverse snowshoeing tours.



Snowshoeing in the Dreibündenstein area

Attractive tour tickets

Special tickets are available for the Brambüesch – Feldis and Brambrüesch – Pradaschier tours (each possible in the opposite direction)
which, in addition to a mountain railway trip, include transportation back to your starting point
by means of public transport.

360° Panorama with a UNESCO title

The scenery visible from the Dreibündenstein includes views of Piz Beverin, the Tödi, the Calanda, and the Rätikon massif as well as the ranges around Arosa, Lenzerheide, and Davos – to name just a few. At the highest point (Furggabüel, 2,174 m), you’ll find a two-part panoramic guide depicting the names of the peaks and their altitude, as well as information about the mountains that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona”, easily visible in the distance. The panoramic guide on Mutta (Feldis chairlift mountain station) offers
excellent views and information about the surrounding mountain scenery.

The route network

Marked snowshoeing routes are depicted in pink dotted lines on the schematic map (see brochure above).
These may be ideally complemented by the official hiking trails (solid pink lines). The lines marked in orange
depict unmarked versions of the tours, which are available as GPS downloads on the website www.dreibuendenstein.ch.
If you wish to take one of these unmarked tours, you must be able to read topographic maps and
know how to orientate yourself in open country.
We also strongly recommended that you bring along basic safety gear (avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel).

Respect your limits

Please keep on the marked and recommended routes and respect the wildlife quiet areas.

Guided tours

The following companies offer guided tours in the Dreibündenstein area:

AIS-Sportschule, Brambrüesch (Tel. +41 81 250 19 46, www.ais-sportschule.ch)
AlpinPartner.ch (Tel. +41 78 610 64 95, www.wandern.alpinpartner.ch)
Andy Niedermann (Tel. +41 81 382 18 64, www.ihr-bergerlebnis.ch)

The fun way down

The sledge runs in Brambrüesch und Feldis along with the Pradaschier toboggan run are a great complement to your snowshoeing adventure
and are a really fun way to get downhill – what a great way to end your tour!

Flexible snowshoe rentals

The three stations all have places where you can flexibly rent snowshoes: Brambrüesch (AIS-Sportschule, Brambrüesch ski lift valley station), Feldis (Mutta Sport, Feldis chairlift valley station), and Churwalden (Intersport Balzer, near chairlift valley station in Churwalden);
rent top-of-the-line TSL-brand snowshoes and poles from one station and return them at another.
Rate: CHF 20.00 per day for snowshoes and poles (snowshoes only: CHF 15.00 / poles only: CHF 5.00).

Dining & Accommodation

All three stations (Brambrüesch, Feldis, Pradaschier) have mountain restaurants,
so you can enjoy a good meal before, during, or after a long snowshoeing tour.
Accommodation is available within the Dreibündenstein snowshoeing area in Brambrüesch and Feldis,
which allows you to take multi-day tours without having to leave the area.
Accommodation is also available in the valley (right next to the mountain railway valley stations), both in Chur and Churwalden.

Snowshoeing map

The Dreibündenstein snowshoeing map is available at all mountain railway stations for CHF 7.50.

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